🖥️Explanation of Features

All the features PooDoge supports and how to use them!


In the middle of the screen is the chart of the currently selection token. You can change the chart you're viewing either by entering a contract address in the search bar or selecting a token from your wallet or favorites on the right side of the screen. Chart data is provided by Dexscreener for now. In the future we will build our own charting API allowing us more access to do things such as buy dots and other useful features. Underneath the chart are recent transactions, which can be resized by clicking and dragging the bar in between transactions and the chart.

Token Information / Swap

On the left side of the screen are the Token Information page and Swap tabs. On the token information page you can find data such as Token Name, Circulating Supply, Market Cap, Liquidity, and quick access links to pages such as Dogechain Explorer Transactions, Holders and Contract. In the Swap tab you can buy or sell tokens of the currently viewed token. In Swap 2.0 we support Swapping tokens on Dogeswap, Kibbleswap and Yodeswap. The way liquidity pools are selected isnt very smart yet so please always double check the amount of tokens or WDOGE being quoted in the swap and make sure that it lines up with the current price and isn't selecting a really small liquidity pool on the wrong DEX. In a future update we will allow you to select the DEX that's being swapped from as well as allowing you to select which token to swap in the UI. ** PooDoge is still in beta and bugs may arise, always trade at your own risk as PooDoge will not be held responsible if you lose money swapping on the wrong token or liquidity Pool! There are hundreds of different token and dex combinations out there and it's impossible to account for every possible situation so if it's your first time swapping a token on PooDoge double check to make sure the right DEX is being selected by the dapp! In future updates it will be made smarter and automatically select the best DEX based on lowest or highest price (depending on whether you're selling or buying)

Portfolio Tracker

On the right side of the screen in the "Wallet" tab is our built-in Portfolio Tracker, with it you can view any of the Dogechain tokens in your wallet, the number of tokens you hold and an estimate of their value in USD. The dollar value is only an estimate based on the number of tokens X price per token in USD. This value is not always 100% accurate, this will be the case until Dogechain has an official stablecoin with volume to be compared against.


Pretty self-explanatory, on the right side of the screen under the Favorites tab you will find every token you have ever starred for quick access. To remove the token from Favorites simply click the star again to unstar. Clicking any of the token names in this list will navigate to that chart.


A recent and much requested addition to our Dapp, the NFT tab gives you the ability to view the NFT's in your wallet and the # of Tokens you hold. In the future we will add the ability to view your NFT images, their rarity trades as well as the ability to transfer, buy or sell from directly within the app!


The History tab on the right side of the screen is a handy list of recent token and NFT transactions from the wallet you're currently connected to. Clicking the open icon next to each transaction will bring up the Dogechain Explorer for that transaction, making it easy to see all your recent transactions without having to mess around with the Explorer all too much. This feature can be used to see transactions from staking such as deposit withdraw and reward, transactions involving NFT's and more!


The watchlist view located in the top menu on Desktop and Bottom menu on Mobile lists all the tokens in your favorites and gives you an overview of Price, % change, Liquidity and Volume. From the Action column there is the Star button which will remove a token from your favorites and the Eye button which will take you to that token's chart.


The Multi-Chart section located in the top menu on Desktop and the bottom menu on Mobile allows you to add charts by token address to view all on a single page!

Track Multiple Wallets

PooDoge gives you the ability to track and easily manage multiple wallets in our easy-to-use interface! Add, remove and login from the Top Right Menu on Desktop (Top RIght Menu on the right side panel on mobile).

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