Earn a High APR on your Tokens!

The team at PooDoge are dedicated to bringing more and more benefits to our Poo Doge token holders! Our goal is to make it so holders can earn on their tokens without ever having to sell them, meaning the price of Poo Doge goes up and up to the moon and beyond! One of these benefits are staking. Staking is the process of locking up your tokens in what's called a 'staking pool'. A staking pool is a service where you lock up your tokens for a set amount of time in order to earn a reward on them, indicated by APY and APR %. During the time your tokens are locked they cannot be sold or transferred without paying an 'emergency withdrawal' fee.

You can currently stake your Poo Doge to earn more Poo Doge or you can stake your $DC tokens to earn Poo Doge and coming soon are partner project pools! Whenever we partner with a new safu project in the Dogechain ecosystem we will provide a staking pool where holders of Poo Doge can stake their tokens to earn our Partner Project's tokens. This way Poo Doge holders don't have to sell their tokens in order to benefit by earning new and promising projects in the Ecosystem! Holders are welcome to sell their staking rewards but we always recommend Poo Doge stakers to HODL on to their staking rewards since we will only cross-promote with the most promising projects on Dogechain and the $10-20 you earn might be worth much more in the future!

These staking partnerships are designed to benefit both parties - for PooDoge holders it means earning rewards in new and promising projects, for the partner project it means gaining more exposure as well as new holders who will now be checking out their project and joining their telegram group! Staking partnerships usually start with an AMA with the team, followed by the addition of the project's promotional material into our dapp's ad rotation, a detailed post, twitter announcement and launch of the staking pool. To keep up on the latest partnerships/staking pools be sure to follow us on Twitter and join our Telegram discussion for all the latest updates and news!

Stake your Tokens using our Staking Dapp:

** For more information and if you have a project you'd like to see promoted on Poo Doge please contact our CEO and team leader Jimaker for more information.

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