🐶Why Dogechain?

Dogechain is the first ever unofficial EVM layer 2 blockchan for Dogecoin, powered by Polygon Edge tech. Dogechain allows you to bridge your Dogecoin blockchain DOGE to Wrapped DOGE on Dogechain. Being an Ethereum Virtual Machine based blockchain it brings compatibility with NFT's, Smart Contracts and more to Dogecoin holders. Being the original Meme Cryptocurrency, it's the perfect blockchain for Meme Coins. There's something different about the Dogechain team and the Dogechain Ecosystem in general. Compared to other blockchains we've worked on the team behind Dogechain has been taking every step to support projects building on their blockchain! They have been great about accepting us into their ecosystem, allowing us to pitch our project on their Project Spotlight Twitter Space and giving us an introduction on their @DCEcosystem Twitter page. We've never seen any other new blockchain so dedicated to their ecosystem projects! Being such a new blockchain there aren't many tools for keeping track of your trades, which could make it daunting for new users coming over from CEX's to DEX's for the first time. We sought to change this by creating a tool that would be useful for newbies and professionals alike, a truly all-in-one utility, hence PooDoge was born!

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